About the breed

Oriental cat - it's beauty, grace, grace, intelligence. They are independent but at the same time adore their owner, they show interest in everything that is happening, they are constantly in contact with people, they are energetic and mischievous, but at the same time they are well trained. If you do not know what kind of pet you want: a cat or a dog. Get Oriental! He will conquer your heart without reserve. These animals will share with you your joy, love, pain, worries, pity in a difficult moment of your life. They are a real medicine, which you can't buy in any drugstore! They can be treated differently, but you can't remain indifferent.


Breed standards

The World Cat Federation system is known - WCF - translated as "World Cat Federation" is an international association of feline clubs. The main office is located in Germany.
The Association registers kennels at the international level, develops breed standards, trains and licenses judges, grants exhibition licenses, monitors compliance with exhibition rules, organizes exhibitions.


Elegant medium-sized cat, slender and muscular. The body is long and flexible. The neck is long and slender. Chest and shoulders are not wider than hips. The limbs are long and slender, and the feet are graceful and oval. Whiplike tail, very long, thin from base to end, ends sharply.


Almond-shaped, slightly oblique, in harmony with the wedge-shaped head. The distance between the eyes is not less than the width of the eye. Color of eyes is intense green, except white cats. Forensic cats have blue eyes, white oriental cats have green, blue or different eyes (one eye blue, the other green).


Wedge-shaped. The wedge is formed by two straight lines running from the nose to the ears. The nose is long and straight, and the forehead is flat. The profile line is slightly convex. The muzzle is narrow and the well-defined chin is in the same vertical plane as the tip of the nose.


Very short, shiny, tight fitting. The texture is silky, without undercoat.


Very large, broad at base, tips pointed. They are placed so that they continue the lines of the cuneus of the head.


The predominance of yellow in the color of the eyes over the green excludes the award of CAC.

Tails of oriental cats:

a - consistent with the standard: long, straight, tapering downward;
b - cunniparity;
c - the kink at the end;

The structure of the jaws of an oriental cat:

a - the correct structure of the jaws;
b - underbite

The cat has a slightly elongated muzzle, slightly out of the standard and overextended ears

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